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What is CoinBal? Back To Top

CoinBal is derived from the words Coin Balance.

The mission of for CoinBal is providing the simplest platform for keeping track of your cryptocurrency investments.

Once you start using CoinBal, you'll find it quite convenient to login to CoinBal each day and see your market positions and your overall coin networth.



What information do I need to give you in order to register an account? Back To Top

Just create a unique username and password, and you're all set to go. Use that to login to your account and start adding balances.

How safe is CoinBal? Back To Top

We're doing our best to keep information we request to an absolute 'minimum' for your security. We want you to remain as anonymous as possible.

For starters, we don't request any personal information (other than the unique username and password you create).

For balances, you only need to input a balance nickname, a coin currency type, and a manual balance. This information basically only has merit to you (the account owner).

Remember, none of this information is 'verified' so you can technically input any numbers and addresses you want, even if they aren't real figures.

While this is 'public' information, just remember, the more information you provide, the more you can possibly be identified.

And yes, we encrypt the data we collect. But, that doesn't mean it's impossible for a determined hacker to hijack it and draw a conclusion of who/where someone is.

Any information you provide other than your username and password is on a voluntary basis, and you must understand there are many risks in the cryptocurrency world.

Any other tips for using CoinBal safely? Back To Top

One important thing to keep in mind is to use CoinBal in private. Don't display your balances, public keys, or any other information in public or wandering eyes.

If you show this information in public, and you're in possession of a large quantity of cryptocurrency, you may become a target.

The last thing we want is someone seeing your balance, and attempting to steal your phone, laptop, or worse.

Always check your back and ensure only "you" are using your account and seeing its contents.

The safety of your account greatly relies on the information you provide, and how you use your account.

It may also be a good idea to try and use your account on a private connection, and avoid using CoinBal via public networks, like coffee shops.

This advice is mostly important for those managing large amounts of cryptocurrency.



How do I add a balance? Back To Top

Simply click the + icon in the upper-right of your webpage (desktop). On mobile, select the 'menu' icon in the top-right, then choose "Add Balance".

Here you'll input how you want to track your balance.

After giving your balance a nickname, and choosing the balance currency, you'll then input the balance of coins of this particular location - whether it be cold storage, an exchange, etc.

You may then add a Public Address for means of reference to share this address later if needed, like an address keychain. (This is optional)

We recommend using addresses where balances will remain mostly 'fixed' because we don't monitor 'changes' of the balance in a given location. This needs to be updated manually yourself. Keep in mind that CoinBal is designed as more of a calculator, more than anything.

How can I edit or delete a balance? Back To Top

You can choose the : icon to the right side of your balance, that will enable you to edit the balance, or delete it.

How can I use the 'address copy' feature, for balances I placed a public address? Back To Top

On mobile, simply click the balance. Look for the 'eyeball' indicating this. The public address will automatically be copied to your clipboard. Just paste where necessary.

On desktop, you can copy/paste the balance, as it's displayed at all times.

Can I switch between a BTC balance ledger and a USD balance ledger? (yes) Back To Top

In order to switch your balances between USD and BTC values, simply click the BTC or USD button next to your Global Balance.

Upon hovering you'll see the option to 'switch' to either USD or BTC, depending on what is currently active.

What is Global Balance? Back To Top

Global Balance is what we refer to as the combined balance of your cryptocurrency holdings. It's located in the top-right of your Dashboard/Balances page.

For instance, if the value of all of your crypto adds up to USD $25,000, your Global Balance will be this amount.

You can 'switch' your Global Balance to display in BTC as well. Just 'hover' (tap on mobile) your mouse over the USD/BTC button to the left of your global balance, and 'switch'.

Still not really sure how this works? Just test out adding some different balances, and you'll see how things change.



Ahh! Something isn't working right! Back To Top

Please send us a detailed message (with screenshots, if available) to

We'll do our best to handle the issue as quickly as possible.

I've got a great suggestion for a feature! Back To Top

We want your feedback on how we can make CoinBal a better platform for everyone.

Got a suggestion? Shoot us an email at